Women just create drama for fun?

I’ve tried to type this thread 3 times and can’t do it in detail without typing my life story.

The short and sweet:

Yesterday, I agreed to help my dad put cameras in for a family friend at noon today, the friend is embarrassed about why they need cameras and ask my dad to do it alone, for as few people as possible to know why they need cameras.

This change happens at 6 am this morning, I get a call, asking for me to bring the cameras 40 minutes to my parents, I agree, it takes me an hour to get ready, eat, and take care of my dogs, I get a phone call from my stepmom furious that I’m not there yet, and not to come.

They drive here to get the cameras, and they’re trying to chew me out, and I just refuse to care about what they’ve decided to be recreationally mad at this morning.

Now the drama gossip that’s going to go around the family for all the women to be superficially mad at me for is that I’m a lazy layabout that’s dragging my feet and not helping my father, because apparently I was expected to get out of bed slide into flip flops and drive cameras to my father in my boxers the instant I was called at 6 am.

I hope this doesn’t effect the amount of Carhartt T-Shirts I get for Christmas, they’re all I get that I give a shit about, and the front pocket is very convenient for when I’m at work.

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TLDR: agreed to help a family friend, and the wife of the family friend and my stepmother have turned the whole thing into a shitshow to paint me as a bad guy.

In the words of St. Floyd, “cmon man, I’m not that kind of guy, I’m not a bad guy.”

I was just trying to help out today, and I ended up with a metaphorical knee on my neck.

Do better

Women creating drama? I have never heard of such a thing.



I feel like people just love to be pissed off all the time.

Old men watch Fox News and spike their blood pressure screaming at the tv every night until they die of heart disease at 65.

Young people find a new thing to shout about every day on Twitter.

I guess all old women have to do is blowing up minor issues in the family and talking about them constantly.

Is that why old feminists suck? Because they don’t have a family to bitch at, they have to go on Twitter like young people and just be the biggest fucking cunts ?


First of all, your writing skills sucks and I could barely make out what you’re saying in the OP….second , I hate people like you who take their sweet ass time when asked for a favor …if I call you at 6am and ask you for an immediate favor , you should either tell me you can’t, or that you’re going to take a long time …what you don’t do is, agree to help and then take your dogs for a walk, eat breakfast , take a shit , drink your coffee and then go do the favor …I agree with the women in your family, you’re a lazy asshole


Most people are not worth bothering with honestly. Your step mom sounds like one of those types.

So why does this guy need cameras? Well what makes him embarrassed about them? Is he trying to keep one of his adult meth addict kids from stealing his shit while he is away or something? Inquiring minds need to know.

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I agree 100% about t-shirt pockets.

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Are you saying you agreed to show up within 40 minutes but still hadn’t left the house after an hour? Maybe I’m misreading it, but if I have it right then you probably should’ve just said it’d be an hour and a half or whatever before you could get there.

OP is a lazy faggot retard and nobody in his life likes him

I only read 1 post and I don’t like him

I like you. OP would rather walk his stupid dogs than help out his family when they need him. Typical dog owner. Let me guess OP, you get along with dogs better than ppl


Women? Causing drama?

As if!

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“So this friend asked me if I could drive him somewhere at 2 o clock. I agreed, of course. 2 rolls around, I’m still in my pajamas, so I change clothes, eat lunch, rearrange the furniture, mow my law, change the oil in the car, and this fucking asshole is calling me up at 9pm leaving nasty voicemails and telling people lies about how I screwed him over. Stupid people and their pointless drama, am I right?”

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OP is an asshole

I’m saying it’s a 40 minute drive and the time was moved from noon to apparently 6:40 in the morning on a 40 minute notice.

I agreed to be somewhere at noon, I got a call at 6 am, pardon me for taking a shower, not skipping breakfast, and taking my dogs out to make sure they don’t shit in the house while I’m gone.

Bunch of trolls in this thread.


Skip the shower and breakfast snowflake, they need you there. Shoot the dogs so they don’t cause problems in the future

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