Women just create drama for fun?

The way I read it, you mom called at 7am and was pissed that you were still at home. Best case you’d be there at 7:40, most likely wouldn’t get there til 8 or later, sorry bud but you were in the wrong. You should have given them an ETA when they called at 6. Walk the dogs and head out, missing a shower and breakfast won’t kill you, it’s your dad.

Better yet have them buy your stinky ass breakfast after the job is done. Ppl with dogs use them as an excuse to get out of familial obligations they have. It’s very typical that you’re blaming walking the dogs on your laziness. “I have to go on a mtn bike ride before I can help you” See how stupid that sounds? That’s what dog owners sound like to the rest of us. Your hobby is more important than your relationship with other humans

Did these cameras self destruct in an hour? Jesus fuck you all are some soft ass bitches. These 2 women would be putting the cameras up themselves if they pulled this shit. My dad would be in the garage working on his boat.

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I was getting in the van when they called and told me not to come, are you cleaning up piss and shit later because you were in such a hurry to get the cameras delivered in this scenario

You chose to get dogs. They not a vital part of life. They’re not children

“You’re calling me at 6 AM. We agreed for this to take place at noon. I’m up now, so I guess I can come do it, but I’m going to shower, grab a quick bite, and let my dog out to use the bathroom first. It should take a half hour or so. I’ll call you when I’m about to head out.”

Is that how the conversation went? Because it sure as fuck doesn’t sound like it. Your communication skills are obviously garbage.



Dogs are better than children. You ever pay high six figures in child support on a labrador? Didn’t think so!

I’ve got over 10k into my cat. I have over 150k into a girlfriend. This man is not wrong…


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Damn you spend a lot of money on pussy

To be clear, did you agree to bring them right over?

Sounds REALLY passive-aggressive on your part.

You could have taken 5 minutes to deal with the dogs and then headed over with the cameras.

OP sounds like PJ’s alt

I understand taking care of the dogs but everything else is on you. Wake up earlier.
The fuck?!? An hour for a shower and a bite to eat?!?
A man that needs to take care of shit can be up and out the door in 15 minutes flat.

OP needs to move far enough away that his father and stepcunt won’t bother him any more. Grow a pair, GTFO there buddy.

You can’t choose your family…you can choose your friends and who you fuck.