women of massmma.com photo shoot

Today we shot all the photo's for the women of massmma.com calendar, and I honestly can't believe how great the shots came out. The girls were all smoking hot, and they all looked sexy as hell in their tiny outfits, and I hate to say it, but I think they looked even hotter in their gym gear. All the fighters involved were super cool, and they seemed to really enjoy getting beat on by a model. I'm so excited about this whole project, and I can't wait to premier the calendar at combat zone 9 "hot like fire." A bunch of the girls will be in house signing copies of the calendar. Thanks again to all involved, and I can't wait until next year!!



p.s. sample shots should hit the site soon.

post some pics


and I had to leave just as things were starting.... damn

Jim de

You missed out, man....we needed another guy, and Marc wanted to use you.



Pics will be plentiful...

And I had by far the hottest model

Who is in there??!?

how ironic, the kid that loves the cock getting the hottest model

as a MassMMA staffer, I expect some friggin pics in my inbox ASAP


We'll have the disc tuesday, and the pics might take a little bit. We have to desing the whole calendar by the weekend to have them printed by combat zone. We need to finish our stuff before we worry about you pervs.....they will be well worth the wait, though. I couldn't believe how good these girls looked. Wait until you see the one with the girl using the e.c.f.a. shirt like a blanket.....such a hot photo. Joe isn't kidding either, that girl was unreal.



You guys sound like promoters......saying that this show will be the best show this year.