Women’s Olympic soccer?

Are they still playing? If so does the US still have a chance at gold? I’m curious if Megan Rapinoe and her disciples kneel or do something disrespectful when/if the National Anthem is played at the awards ceremony.

The U.S. is the likeliest team to win gold right now.

That wasn’t the answer you were banking on was it?

I don’t watch soccer and especially not women’s but fuck I hope Canada can pull off the upset and send that purple haired, kneeling beside standing black teammates, dyke home…


I’ll bet the Canadians love the USA more than the USA team does.

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why send her home? We dont want her!!

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I’m in agreement. I want to disrespectful bitch put in her place!

It’s so weird rooting against my country’s team.

You didn’t want Bieber either but you won him fairly squarely in Van…

I don’t understand why. Fucktard republicans root against the United States ALL the time.

Canada fukyeah

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Those traitors who believe in deplorable and stupid ideas brought it on themselves.

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I look at it this way, I’m not anti-America but instead I’m anti-anti-Americans. The fact I love my country is the reason I want these people that hate my country to fail.

USA lost to Canada!
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This aged well.


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