Women Train Free For August @ 10th Planet Burbank

Now through August is Woman's months at 10th Planet Burbank. If you have ever been interested in Martial Arts - come on in to 10th Planet Burbank for free

There's an all new women's class on Fridays at 6:30 pm as well hosted by everybody's favorite #1 guy, Scott Epstein.

Translation: We're looking for women to bang.

^ya, so?

Coach, really? Epstein is ridicuously crass with his humor. Can you post some clips of the classes when its akward on 10th Planet Watch? i can't wait! He'll offend all of them.

Damn Epstein just go to a bar or something...



I know this is a shock to ya all but Epstein is still teaching women's class and nobody has been "offened" and had to leave yet...oh except that one dude, boys are such babies.