Women's BJJ Open Mat-Mich. 10/8/5

Hey guys, but mostly gals! :)

I am helping our Women's Instructor and BJJ Purple Belt, Jessica Ross, get the info out on a fun weekend she is planning for any women training in BJJ on October 8th, 2005.

She has a few special guests invited to participate in the weekend and this is a good way for the women of our sport to get together, train, share techniques and meet other women who share the same interest...Jiu Jitsu!

Details and list of participants will be posted as soon as they are finalized. Best of all, any proceeds will go help the Rocinha Project in Brazil.

If any of you know of any girls who might be interested in this experience please contact:

Jessica Ross at Warrior Way Martial Arts 248-960-4884 or email Jess at jessicaannr@aol.com

I made a mistake on the other thread title...this is the correct date.


If you read it, TTT it. :)


Ang... there are a few girls from my school and Big Don's school that I am sure will be interested in coming down and training.

Dan C.

Dan, thanks! Don posted on the first thread I started about this, but I had
to have Kirik delete it and add a new one because I put the wrong date in
the title, oops! But, I did see his post...Jess would love them to come, I'm

Obviously this is Jessica's project, but I am trying to help out
where I can...any questions can be directed to her at the info. I posted
above. Talk to you soon, Dan!