Women's boxing huge KO

I saw a women's boxing match last night on DISH network, light heavyweight title, some really tall white girl named Vanda, she got KO'd in the first round and they had to carry her out on a stretcher, it was vicious. I think it was called Empire Sports, they showed several fights including Butterbean, he now has 71 pro fights, all 4 rounders what a crock.

Yes Vonda Ward, she got KO'd by Anne Wolfe, that Vonda is 6'6.

Yeah I saw that a while ago,best ko in womens boxing by far!I hope Wolfe-Ali happens soon!

Wolfe is much better than Vonda!!!!Vonda is a robot, I was saying she was overated way before that fight.Wolfe is a beast, she sometimes fades toward the end of fights but she is still awesome!