Womens MMA/BJJ Champ?

Just out of curiosity, who'd be the top womens mma champ? BJJ? Are there even enough well known women fighters for multiple weight classes?

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FW - Hisae Watanabe, #2 Satoko Shinashi

Lw - Yuka tsuji, #2 Megumi Fuji

130 lbs + - Tara Larosa

I'm not familiar with many of the female fighters. I do have an old tape of this Womens Vale Tudo, I think it was in Russia. It's pretty old. This huze European Judo stylist won it with her gi on. She was way bigger than all the other people in it. I think Megumi Fumi, I think that's her name, she's supposed to be one of the best.

As for weight classes, might be hard to find a lot of heavier fighters.

Kyra Gracie and Leka Viera are both very good at BJJ.

Michele Tavares from Brazil are very good at BJJ black belt and champ?on in mma fights Nova Uniao Girl