Women's MMA Knockouts, Volume 1

Featuring women's MMA knockouts by Kaitlin Young, Hisae Watanabe, Gina Carano, Jen Howe and Tonya Evinger.

I just found this on YouTube. It's so nice to see a clip with just women highlights. They even put a 3 second clip from our Yac and J show of Gina Carano lol. Props to all these ladies... Tara Larosa too ;)

Please ttt for Women's MMA

ttt for Women's MMA.


Cool video!

The ladies ain't playin', awesome ko's

Nice. Im all for ladies mma

 LMAO... hey, at least I got back up 3x!  I crack up everytime I see my braided ponytail spin around like a helicopter, after Jen hits me.


That makes me want to be the bologne in a sandwich.