Women's Open Matt #2

I'm extremely excited to anounce that I am organizing the 2nd Women's Open Matt for the weekend of April 2nd 2005, at Toronto BJJ. Date and Time are to be confirmed asap but it's looking like it'll be for Sunday April 3rd.

The last women's open matt was a huge success and this one is already confirmed to have a minimum of 7 women from around Ontario. All women are welcome, whether advanced or beginner, and we will be mixing it up with gi and no-gi training.

ALSo, to start off the open matt we will be having Angela Wilson (judo black belt/mma fighter) doing a Judo Seminar for us.

Women who are interested in participating can email me at mocafrap@hotmail.com


Ok so it's confirmed that the Open Matt will be held on April 3rd at 2:30pm at Toronto BJJ.

ttt where's the love!?!

ttt sister, have a good time and train hard :)

ttt showing love

covers eyes so as not to be blinded by Mozen's 'love'


Hey, when someone asks for love, I bring the love!

now TTT again!

showing more love!


wow i'm overwhelmed Shawn :)


(rima i'm gona email you in liike 3.4 seconds)

showing more love!


You see!!!  Once I show up the love starts coming out of the woodwork!!! 

P.S Hi Rima

Can I come?

Kwanza just cause your jiu is girly doesn't mean you are in fact a girl.


"just cause your jiu is girly...lol..) I laughed I cried, I gave another TTT

hey shawn!!!

you're so loving!

how goes it with the kettlebells...i'm still waiting for a custom baby pink one. where's the love there? ...and what's up with your long lost friend MC? tell him i say hey! talk soon!

Mico washes gi, brushes three teeth, cleans one ear, uses hair products, does five (almost) sit-ups, searches for Aqua-Velva while thinking of cunning means to attend. Concludes that his beauty regime is too strenuous and is certainly not prepared to repeat it before April 2 of THIS year - women or no

LOL, i think mico is probably the only guy who even has a chance of handling us women :)

Hi Rima, Kettlebells are doing very well. Iam getting ready to shoot some new DVD's. We should talk.

As for my long lost friend, he is out of town but I will pass the hello on to him when he gets back.

Shawn ( I bring the love and TTT but no one invites me to train with the women)


TTT for this event. hopefully it'll happen more often. Im really
excited. good job Yael!


thanks CHOKe, can't wait to roll again, hope you didn't cry b/c i didn't show up tonight..i know how attached you get :P

see ya at the "workshop"