Womens weightlifting question

Could someone lead me in the direction of finding some stats on women weight lifters?

I'm looking to find info out on average weights lifted. I want to see where I stand I guess. I know we are all individual..I just want to see some comparisons.


You mean REAL overall average for women, including all ages and fitness levels? Or average for amature powerlifters, or for women in their 20s who work out, or for female professional athletes, or...

And it which lifts? Not that I have all that info at my fingertips, but there are so many ways to call average.

ttt because I'd like to see some stats for female powerlifters too.

I watched the oly-lifting championships on TV two weeks ago and
I saw women in a weight class below mine snatch more than I
would dare squat...

made me feel really, um, inadequate... ;-)

Women's powerlifting world records

Thanks Urquhart!! :)