Won brawls I should had lost, because of me Swag


Got a mother fucker beat down cause the our "brawl" was too close to my sweet ass "ride." Random folks just jumped in kicking this dude because they did not want him to put a dent my ride.

Notorious for fighting while drinking. Rendered 2 mother fuckers useless while holding a bottle of Cognac. Took a swig before the KO and took a swig after I hit this mother fucker with a bar stool. Swag

My Bitches rendered this dude retarded. I didn't have to do a damn thing in a brawl bruh, I pointed a finger and these hoes stomped the shit out of dude in the VIP. Dude came back giving me five and presented me with wings and bubbly

Oh just shut the fuck up.



just take the initiative and ban him now

TheAssMurderer - 12.15.10

Had to log in just to say your name made me spit my drink all over my keyboard, thanks dick.


EvilMaster - Oh just shut the fuck up.