Won first fight

Just wanted to let you guys know that I won my first mma fight on saturday with tai otoshi. I planted my opponent flat on his back 4 times and the fourth one caused him to tap. I went for o soto and he tried to escape by going behind me and I turned it into tai otoshi. He tapped as soon as we landed. It was an awesome feeling. Thats for all those who think throws don't work in a fight.



The weight was 205 the event was Ruckus in the Cage an all amateur show in Roanoke VA. The official report was sub via can't continue.

What type of grip do you do your tai-otoshi in no-gi? That's one I haven't had any luck converting to no gi. Sounds like you're not having that problem though.


I'll post a vid as soon as I can get one. As for grip it was over under clinch.The wrist and neck/head grip that Karo uses and demonstates on his dvds also works well for o soto. The tai otoshi was made easier because he was attempting to escape o soto. My foot/leg were already in position all I had to do was hold on and rotate my body into position as he tried to move behind me. I hope that made sense.

Kryptonjitsu, that's awesome-congratulations on winning your first MMA match.

I just started training Judo to accentuate my MMA and BJJ. How long have you been training? If you don't mind my asking, how long have you been doing MMA, and have you always trained the Judo throws for MMA since day one, or is it something that you modified after training in Judo for a while? I'm asking because I have been told it takes a long time to be able to apply those throws in MMA, etc.


Very cool!


Submission via ippon.


as Osaekomi would say


sweet! congrats!
ttt for the video

First of all, I sincerely apologize for taking so long to respond to your post, I have been extremely busy as of late.
Now, as far as your questions go I'll try answer as best as I can. I have only recently started training for mma, in all actuality I didn't start training "mma" until I took the fight. I have always trained for self defense purposes. My dojo is, and has always been, aimed more toward reality self defense. Now when I say reality self defense I'm not talking about all the pseudo-commandos you see in magazines and in funny videos on youtube , I mean that we have never been a sport dojo. I have never had a problem with sport training, it just wasnt my initial motivation. I actually value the sport aspect of martial arts, the way I see it if I can't defend myself when there are rules I won't be able to when there are none. But, anyway to get back to your questions..... I didn't have to modify grips too much because since our aim is self defense we practice nogi throwing about as much as we do with gi. Therefore the transition wasn't as big as it could have been. We also train on a regular basis on executing throws on someone who is punching or kicking at us, so again it eased the tranistion. I think your training in Judo will benefit you greatly in mma but it does take a while to get proficient in throwing someone. As with anything you do in life, you will only get out of it what you put into it. My advice would be to enter a few Judo tournaments, all you need is a Usja membership and typically most tournaments allow you to participate in at least brown belt divisions if not black. When it comes to throwing there is no substitute for learning and applying throws against resisting attackers. Also, I've found (and most all Judoka would agree I think) that when you are used to throwing people who know whats coming (ie tourneys/randori) when a person doesn't it is much easier. Be sure to practice them without your gi as well like maybe when sparring try to use a throw instead of a takedown, but remember learn the fundamentals with your gi. The gi really does help you to understand entering and unbalancing.

Hope that helps I have a tendency to ramble especially about throwing :)

Thanks Kryptonjitsu, very helpful advice and congratulations again!

kryptonjitsu, that is awesome man. That guy must have been hurting

could we get ur name, event name anything

Keith Bates---me Ruckus in the Cage---event