Won my first MMA fight lastnight

Fought in oo, and 02. Lost both.
Trained the whole time inbetween then and now.
Fought last night for the axfighting.com heavyweight title. Won in 45 seconds by front naked choke from mount.
Winning feels good.LOL.

Good thing you stuck to it. I'm always impressed when after seeing a fighter lose a few times in row, instead of giving comes back and makes a success out of himself.

congrats -


Good for you man, congrats! What took you so long to beat him? j/k LOL

Well good job anyway. better to try then being a pussy

I have lost a few and won a few in grapping tournt.

What can you do???


congrats man


Funny thing is, I still have yet to get a call from the UFC matchmakers. Sittin by the phone though.=)

Congratulations on your victory!!

Congrats!! You should fight Fedor next to unify the belts.

Congrats man, it takes a man to lose and come back!! Keep up the good work.


Congrats Tackle!

what exactly is a front naked choke from mount? never heard of it.

^^ Is that the same as an executioner?

congrats TACKLE

front naked is the same as rear naked, except from topmount. Really more of a neck crank. Works well for me, though I am probably one of the biggest Mixed Martial Artists in the world. So it is a strength and size move.

congrats Tackle. I'm 0 and 2 and i hope to do the same as u.

Chris Carroll, Lots of fighters have 2 or more losses. It just sucks to start off that way. Stick with it, You will be fine.

why do all you guys with multiple pro fights not have green names?