Won tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins tonight!

The world is a vampire, meant to drain…

Is an all time line, esp the tone he uses. Have fun with all the goths and emos!


lyrics like ‘despite all my rage i am still just a rat in a cage’ seemed much edgier when I was 10


U were the 92nd caller?

Lol i heard that promo this morning

Im with you…i liked SP back then…def not an official “fan”…, but always leave it on if 1 of their songs come on

They are terrible live though
But free tix and free tix
And a good venue
Have fun

Yup, was the 92nd caller but this was last week when it happened.

I didn’t make this post until I had tickets in hand since I’m an eternal skeptic.

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I gueds i mustvd caught them on bad nights
Saw them twice in the early 2000s and were horrible

But others itt say they are great live

Oh mustve been a diff promo this morni g the.

Came here to say this.

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Touring w Jane’s Addiction too. Hopefully these senior citizens have still got some rock left.

I saw Tenacious D last week and those old fuckers kick ass.


Heading down to NYC now.

If I get raped and murdered on the subway, someone clear my browser history!!!


Are you wearing the Charlie Brown shirt?


I’m jealous AF…one of my all time faves

Enjoy, today is the greatest…for you

Yes!! BWBW ftw

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Nice. I wasn’t really into them that much when they were new but going back and listening now, I’ve come to appreciate them more.

No, NIN shirt LOL.

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Nothing beats SP in an intimate setting!

Great fucking band - enjoy my man…


I saw them about a decade ago. Corgan was the only original member at the time.

It was so bad that I wish I hadn’t gone.

Revoluntary band somewhat but like all good things, age…

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