Wonder How Well Sylvia Slept Last

...........last night???????

Heath Herring AND Cro Cop debut in UFC within 30 days!!!

When did they ever mention Heath Herring?

Last night. I think he is making his debut at Ultimate Fight Night

I don?t think Herring can beat Sylvia due to the reach and takedown defence of Tim but Crocop would probably win fairly easy but it is mma, you never know until the match is over.

I think he sharted in his sleep.

Wow, I missed that ENTIRELY. Seriously. That's awesome that he's coming to the UFC!

if randleman can land a punch so can Tim....

260lbs wearing 4oz gloves gives anyone a chance. i think CC beats him but never say never.


Tim Sylvia has won fights because of his superior size. Heath Herring is not that much smaller than Sylvia, and Cro Cops skills are at such a level that they neutralize Tims size. Its going to be very tough for Tim to hold the belt much longer.

Sylvia has ZERO on Barnett and Mirko just demolished him and went on to kill Wandy... Timmy hasnt a chance. I love Tim (fingers in ears to drown out the hecklers) but he will RIP vs Cro-Cop imho....FP

there's almost no need to even have the fight.

sylvia should just give mirko the belt as soon as he steps off the plane.

"sylvia should just give mirko the belt as soon as he steps off the plane." Funniest shit ive seen on the UG since the last Romoshop....Tim could always be pro-active and mail the belt to Croatia and retire a champ. FP

I'm sure he slept fine. His goat kept him warm. But the question I have "does Tim let the goat wear the belt" ?