Wonderboy wants Jorge next

On his podcast he said he wants to fight someone with a name. He really wants the masvidal fight. He also mentioned that he would take a fight with someone like Nate Diaz.

Colby vs usman, burns vs Leon, mas vs wonderboy. Is there anyone else I’m missing?

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shame, looks like his fight for the title has ended… now he just wants money fights

No he said he still thinks he has a chance to get the title one day. That’s why he said he only wants one of the guys with a name. In the ufc you don’t always get a title shot from fighting the best guys. It’s all about hype these days and the best way to get it is beat a guy that people know.

Yawn. We already saw that fight and it was nothing amazing. Plus this dude is coming off a loss where he got his ass beat. He does not get to demand a “big name”


Since when is wanting to fight someone demanding a fight? Some of you guys read into things in the weirdest way.

I don’t see why Jorge or Nate would want to fight WB. Both guys are money fights and WB simply isn’t.


Wb is stupid match up for any striker, he will just out point them and play safe

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Chiesa and Luque in a very important fight next.

He old bro

Great fight. Let’s see it