WOO HOO!!! 12's finally!

Finally broke into the 12's last night!  A sled-puller sent my some front-end limiters to keep it from popping up and voula, 12.89 @101!

60' = 1.7092

1/8 ET = 8.0951

1/8 MPH = 82.48

1/4 ET = 12.89

1/4 MPH = 101.76

My times are historically slower at this track so I should be able to get a little better.

'02 F-250 crew-cab, 4x4, Powerstroke diesel on 37" tires

Oh yeah.  W/o the limiters the front end would pop up and you feel the tires hopping from left to right.  I launch in 4wd.

What happens if you launch in 2wd?

Smoked tires.

What's that truck have, about 300HP and 1500FT.LBS. of tourqe?


About 500-550 rwhp and 950 - 1100 rwtq, going off of what similar equipped and running trucks are putting down.

Elmo,what kind of mileage ya get in that beast?

I sent my bro the link to your drag vid.He has the same truck,and was fuckin amazed!

I get about 14mpg between city and hwy, with a somewhat heavy foot.  That's hand calculated.