My buddy just sent this…he says yes, I say fuck no…

  • Hell yes
  • No

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No with a capital N because that’s how I started the sentence.

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Sometimes red flags are actually too many piercings, tattoos and a fucked up hairdo.

I don’t find anything she has done to herself to be attractive but if I’m standing right behind that, why not?

You KNOW she does butt stuff.

As long as it’s actually female yes. If male, how drunk am I?

I’ll bet her hair smells like a skunks asshole


Also, is that Kirki J’s hand as your profile pic? LOL!!

Yo! Knucks!!

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He fingered the girl in the OP…

I guess she broke a piece of him off…

You Nef! Good to see you bro. How ya been?

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Sadly, this is her before pic. It’s from the chive

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who is next to her, can we tilt the camera a bit to the right?

looks mentally stable

Been damn busy, but good. How’s everything with you? I hope all’s good with you and the family!

Might start a GPTT [ONLY] thrad later so we can all catch up!!