Woodworkers unite!!

Not sure, but I don’t think buffing it will remove any glue. A clear epoxy/resin might be less visible

A quick trick I learned was to wipe stuff down with mineral spirits. Will show you the finished grain and highlight glue/other imperfections.

Will do it when I go to my shop and take a pic in a bit

Before mineral spirit wipe


Man you guys are some bad asses, I barely have a combination square and some measuring/cutting tools. Mostly hand tools. It is hard to find resources on doing work with hand tools, most people cover power tools a lot.

Check out Paul Sellers on YouTube. A Brit who is a savant with hand tools. Lots of good instructional s on hand saws, planes, etc

For those who do high end boxes, pipes and the such always try and save some of your shavings or finer from the piece. So much easier to get the perfect fill done.

If you see any residue, it will be with your project for good. If a surface repair sometimes it is better to get a fast set glue (like super glue) on it to stop the glue from going too far into the wood grain before you get sanding down the repair. Otherwise the glue lines are always present.

That is why I like taking sanding dust and mixing my own fill if a small enough piece.

Painting the shop finally … getting excited to get tools setup again.

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Hessian- what compromises, if any, have you made building a shop based on lumber prices? Is this an out building? Wood v metal?

I’m debating that now based on the cost and how long woods going to stay up in $.

The frame of the shop came with the house. Roofed and tevac on plywood walls.
2x6 frame construction.

Insulation for 2x6 was 22% of norm.
1/2 plywood was $74 (was 94 next day) CDN after contractors discount. (shittiest ply ever seen) one year ago it was $32 a sheet for the farm shop.

Everything and I mean everything is up at least 20%, friends who are in the trades are swamped and exhausted when they come to return favors.

If there was no shell, I’d have built a steel and stone building. The trades here is a shit show, glad I have just stayed at the house and solo’d it best I can.

I would think overall I am over 70% extra on the build and have had to wait on supplies or change what I paid for a dozen times. With me being the labour and most all trades coming through working at their rate not charged rate. Or for free and I pick up machine time.

I will post my build once done and moved in.

Steel fence with 6x6 10 foot posts is the one that keeps biting me in the ass. I just want to get the fence done but been waiting 3 months for replacements from first order.