Word goes woke: Microsoft introduces new feature that suggests PC alternatives that could offend snowflakes

1984 here we come!

Word goes woke: Microsoft introduces new feature that suggests PC alternatives when someone types phrases that could offend snowflakes like ‘mankind’

  • Microsoft has rolled out a new feature which checks for potentially offensive words and phrases
  • The new checker produced purple line beneath any problematic sections of text
  • The software will also produce some PC alternatives to the flagged phrases
  • ’Humankind’ is suggested alternative for Neil Armstrong’s ‘one giant leap for mankind’ speech

Microsoft has included a new function in the latest version of its Word software that acts as a checker for inclusivity and offers PC alternatives to phrases which could upset others.

Traditionally, Microsoft Word has offered tools to its 250million users such as checking software for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

But now, the tech giant has added an additional feature which reads through a user’s work and examines whether the language used may offend an individual.

The Sun reports it does this by highlighting phrases focusing on gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity of ‘socioeconomic status’.

The function, which produces a purple line beneath words or phrases it deems to be potentially problematic, can be turned on and off in Word’s settings.

Microsoft Word also used red lines to point out spelling mistakes and green lines for grammatical errors.

After highlighting the inclusivity issue, Word’s new functionality will suggest more acceptable alternatives - which includes changing Postman Pat to ‘mail carrier’ or ‘postal worker’.

The software also suggested altering astronaut Neil Armstrong’s famous quote from ‘one giant leap for mankind’, to ‘humankind’ or ‘humanity’ instead.

Back in 2020, Microsoft also released an update for Word which highlighted a double space as an error.

Current versions of the software highlights the mistaken double space with a blue line, highlighting a grammatical error.


This should solve all the worlds problem. Good job, MS


I hate wokeness!

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More reasons to hate Bill Gates.

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I like that the PC correction for MANkind is huMANkind lol.

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Snowflake GIF

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Clippy does not like.


awesome. this should provide the american workforce with tons hours of fucking off.

We need a giant asteroid so bad

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Duck that bull shirt!

I type what I want!!

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this sort of thing seems more “apple”

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Thank God I still use MSO2007

This peice of shit apple phone I have already does that.

Windows 10 sucked titanic cock prior to Gates turning into Mengele.

Apple can also suck dicks.

Guess Linux is the only option.


MS Bing sucks too.

Descendants of Abraham won’t replace us! Descendants of Abraham won’t replace us!

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I see there is a use for it though I detest the need. In large corporations or government you have to be careful not to offend someone so this tool prevents you from accidentally letting something slip.

It’s sad we need such a tool but I can’t blast Microsoft for adding a feature their large government and corporate clients requested.