words to live by

now i dont usually hang on people's words or idolize too much, but i found this in a book you guys may or may not be familiar with by the name Judo A sport and a Way of Life, and thought it was something i'd like to try to do:

"Like many other champions, I see in Judo the true essence of life a means of controlling the difficulties of life and fdinding out the real meaning of existance. My strategy was different during contests and randori. Randori were essentially a means of studying my opponents. I never exploited their weak points then. Even if I was unable to throw my opponent on the mat, I would try all the other techniques except the one I knew was the most suitable to take advantage of his weak spots.
In order to get ready for contests, you must never choose to train with your favorite partners, but you must choose those you wish to avoid, the ones who are most likely to pose a threat. As a student, I was never lonely because from the start I made up my mind that my only aim would be to prepare myself to become Japan's champion. Consequently I dedicated every single day and all my activities to this."
-Sensei Isao Okano

GROBAR - I have that book. I love it.

davor.. whats even better about that is we get to see him and have that fella visit us twice a year. SJS is truly a great place to be.


exactly right josh. i was thinking the same when i first read it. he's really a character.