Work Help!

I'm an EE by training and have started working at a small company where I do a little of everything.

I've been asked to program something to use the serial port (RS232) from within flash.

I was thinking of using a tcp connection from flash to an app i write to rs232.

i only have very academic software experience. i was given visual studio 2005 (this is for an xp system)... i've never used a big IDE like that before... always gcc and matlab.

what language should i use? what type of project? is opening a tcp socket hard? what about rs232 output?

i'm going to code a little interpretter in my app which should be simple. i'm most comfortable in C. my coding isn't bad i just don't know what language to use/how to get started.

any help please!

t-man, look at sockets network programming.

that should start you on that, with examples in C.

remember, Windows BSD sockets are similar to Unix, but have a few quirks.

use whatever language you are most comfortable with. they all interact with the .NET or Win32 API to do anything.

if you're gonna do this often, you should probably learn C#.

thanks RoR,

that site will help and i'll probably do this in C#. i thought about it and it looks like it will actually be pretty easy.