work? or has Eve gone Foley?

  Advertising for Monday Night Raw in Nashville on October 15th, 2012 lists John Cena vs. The Big Show in a No Disqualification match as the main event/post-Raw dark match. Click here for additional details about the event.

- has an interview with WWE Diva Eve Torres, who was promoting the new reality show Stars Earn Stripes, which premieres tonight on NBC at 8pm EST. During the interview, she was asked about her thoughts on new RAW General Manager AJ Lee.

"I'm not impressed," Eve admitted. "I think she is not fit for the job, and I think you need a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman to have that job -- and that's me. I have the experience, I have the expertise, I was executive administrator for many months and I should be the next one in that role. So I'm not okay with it, and we'll go from there."

Eve was also asked about being a part of the tag team main event on RAW several weeks ago.

"It was an extremely cool moment," she said. "Not only was I in my hometown of Denver, Colorado, but there are is a very small number of women who have had that opportunity to main event RAW. To be one of those women was an honor for me, to be a part of that. It's something that I can say that I've done and I'm very proud of."

Eve also spoke in-depth about her new show, as well as being backstage at RAW 1000 with all the WWE legends. You can check out the full interview at by clicking here.

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