Work out critique

Got some good advice on the OG bringing it here to see what you guys say:


Stair Master 30 minutes: 15 LSD and 15 high break just amped it up at the 15 mark

Barbell Bench Press: 4x8 225 lbs
Incline Dumbbell Bench: 4x8 90 lbs dumbells
Hack Squat: 4x8 315 lbs
Barbell Bent Rows: 4x10 275 lbs
Dumbbell Rows: 4x12 125 lbs dumbells

(ill post tomorrows tomorrow)

Huge volume of upper body work and relatively little leg/pc work. Not sure that makes sense.

Did you do Hack Squats with a barbell (impressive) or just use the hack machine (lame)? Those hack squat machines are a bit hard on the knees.

Don't post what you do every day of the week. That's really tedious -- no body wants to read a log of your sets/reps/calories/bowel movements, etc. Just the broad strokes please.

What is your goal? What are you looking to accomplish in your workout? How many days per week can you get into the gym and lift? How many years experience do you have lifting?

Need more info to give you any kind of beneficial critique.