working at health club chains

What can one expext to earn selling memborships
(Sales Job) at Bally's or 24hr fitness

Any help would be appreciated

not much except that the chains suck, you are surrounded by a bunch of assholes who don't work out and who all waste their time on suppliments, you are forced to work shitty hours, you get shitty pay ($6.00 hourly and a crappy commission (and no holiday pay or overtime pay) and by the time you are off of work you are so sick of the atmoshphere (they play about 30 songs, from people like "Christina Agulara, and Backstreet Boys etc. very loud over and over and over and over) that you don't want to even work out.

hope this helps.

buddie (a bally employee for 4 hellish years of college)

Places like Bally's should be considered detrimental to society.

you can make pretty good money if you're good, but i'd say only the top 10% make a decent pay check. the companies suck and don't really care for their employees. the hours are bad, don't expect much of a life outside of work if you want to make good money. when you have cool people around you, it can be one of the funnest jobs around, and going to work feels like going to hang out. on the other hand, if you have shady, hostile salespeople on your team, you're going to hate going to work and having to put up your guard and watch your back all day. i'd say expect the latter. it can be fullfilling when you see that people you signed up actually changing their lives for the better, and thanking you for all your help.

I only paid $22/month for my gim memborship.

I sold memberships at a gym many years ago. It was a real lame experience. There are much easier and more enjoyable ways to make money.

Mike Mahler

the head sales guy at Golds in HB made over 100k a year, but he worked 70+ hours a week and got himself into a Bells palsy too, so, your earnings are likely commensurate with your effort.

I don't know Buddie, that kind of music makes me want to work out. I think I was abused as a kid, I can't stand happy pop music. You ever seen the TV commercial, I think it's for yogurt or something, but that song about "A dollup a daisy" or something seriously pisses me off, no joke. I need to get that checked out I think.

Lately I've been listening to techno when I work out, I just think about all those drugged out neo-hippies that I want to crush, at their gay-ass raves slipping date rape drugs to each other cause they don't stand a chance of getting laid in the real world, and I get pretty fired up.

Long story short, I don't know much about the work environment, but anger can fuel some good workouts. Good luck with it man.

Thank god that my gym plays different music in the free weight section. Always rocking out to classic rock. As for the cardio and machine areas...that's a different and much sadder story.

Oh god.... when i was a personal trainer at a local club everyone always wanted to listen to classic rock. I fucking HATE that shit. At least at the meat-head gym before that, the real men liked their hard rock/metal. Every night it was a battle between the metal crowd and the techno crowd. Big guys on both sides.

Sometimes it got ugly.

But anyway, the membership people at the more expensive club did alright in pay after the first year. That's when they started making cash on renewals. Before that it was brutal for them.