Working from home - Remote desktop

Hows this shit working out for everyone?

My biggest gripe is remote desktop, its slow as fuck and so is everything within that environment. I call IT and the nerd tells me “oh youre on the slow server” then switches me and im okay until I log out/in again. I asked him why he cant just leave me on the quick server and he replies “Oh if we did that for everyone that asked it would become the slow server.”

So they know this shit is happening! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh…

Now I have to go back to the orifice twice a week and were running on thin clients now so same shit right?

Kids become a tradesmen so you can work with tools that actually work

Dont use remote desktop, use office 365 and create Sharepoint folders, access those from your browser. Done and fast.

If there are applications you need, that is a bit different…most going cloud style.



How bout you go to work 5 days a week you lazy fuck

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Hang on so 365 can be accessed outside RDS? I saw it pop up once on my personal DT and I closed it thinking it was yes another fuck up. I cant use our main op sys via 365 we use this shitty MS access looking thing lol

I read your pre edited post, sorry if im not making sense the only IT platform I am okay with is pornhub

The office is a $13 uber drive away, that shit ads up

My wife is Back next week For a whopping one day a week. Fuck give me MY life back!!!

Didnt I say twice a week honey?

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All good. I realized it might have come across as a douche and didn’t want that. Tried to delete the post but it had a 2 character minimum so thats what I came up with.

Just bribe the IT guys. Especially easy if they have to be on-site. Door-dash them some quality Mexican food and be like “don’t forget your amigo”

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Here’s the worst part, our actual IT are third party so our only IT contact is our help desk who is our former receptionist.