Working offshore TME

So I'm doing my last semester before I'm beginning to write my master's thesis and I have already begun thinking about what kind of industry I wanna work in.. I have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and I'm doing my master's in engineering management..

My objective for the first 5 years of my carrier is to make as much money as possible and work all around the world, and that's why I have considered working offshore. I just wanna know what positions make the most money and what is best in the longterm if I wanna continue with the industry.. I have considered field engineer or drilling engineer..

Please if you have any knowledge about the industry or other industries that can provide the same opportunities, tell me.. Phone Post

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Well, fuck you.. Phone Post

For all the work you put in in your two degrees I hate to tell you you're going to have a hard time getting into a good position offshore with civil engineering.

Its going to be tough. Hooefully you know someone thst can help.

Now if you had done an internship with a major before you graduated you would likely have had a job waiting on you with a good sign on.

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And offshore is hard. Single or in a relationship, if youre not used to it it will drive you nuts being away for two weeks at a time. Phone Post

I have a couple of connections in the offshore industry but nothing that serious.. I gonna apply for field engineer at Halliburton and Schlumberger as they don't require any specific engineering degree.. I'm not good at being alone so that's something I have to consider..

Should I try to go into banking, or medicin? Phone Post