working on music video

I have a early rough cut of some stuff I am working on....I need some help
one cleaning some things's on my my sapce account I'll post the
link and then my questions

what's your myspace page?

type in search I put the video on there but it has
chnaged so much now jthat it is not a good example of what I am doing
at all. The song however, an orginal by me, is the final sound for the film
so check it out and tell me what you think. Maybe shot me an idea or two
for the video.

Alex...You did the music in Soundtrack right? I hear some of the stock loops that come with it in there. The video goes blank in the middle for over half, is that where you are still working on it?

yeah the video dose not look like that at all any more....I have been
working on it tons...I'll post a new one with more info in a few days

actually I am compressing it now...I'll put the work in progress on there

Cool. Looking forward to seeing what you are doing.