Working out with HS Wrestlers?

When I was in high school we used to make fun of the losers who had already graduated and then came back to school almost every day. Would I be one of those if I wanted to work out with the High School wrestling team to learn some takedowns? They know more than me, for sure, but I've been out a few years now and it would just be weird. I can't seem to get them to come to my gym, so what would you do? Also, maybe some ideas on getting them to come to my gym? They are all friends of mine, but seem to have too big of an ego to start from the beginning again.

An adult going back to school to work out with HS Wrestlers is a little creepy. I wouldn't do it, I bet the cops would show up, cause I dont think you would be allowed to just go up in there and work out with them.

Leave your ego at home, Daniel-San.

I would advise it but even more so if there was a college wrestling team in your town. However, remember that a lot of takedowns practiced in the wrestling room can often times lend themselves to the guillotine and a variety of other chokes. I would attempt learning more throws and lower legs shots (ankle picks). Or simply stick to Greco-Roman! Just my 2 cents.

Good luck. We have two very successful wrestling teams (place in state every year). The wrestlers show up at our school - train one time, then disappear. We currently have one wrestler training with us. He's learning quickly.

I have tried everything with wrestlers - rolling lightly, rolling hard, beatin' their tails, letting them win - most of them just can't make the change to BJJ - at least in my town. I even had a seminar with a Brazilian black belt and gave eight scholarships for local wrestlers - paid for by wrestling patrons. None showed up for the seminar.

Go figure!

Talk to the coach, tell him what you want to do and vollunteer to HELP him and his team, perhaps as some sort of assistant.

Treat it as a job interview and make sure you have something to offer.

The real knowledge is what the coach is willing to share and he'll be willing to share more if you are sharing something with him.

high school wrestlers are not very good in comparison to rolling with adult wrestlers, find an adult freestyle program. Well unless you are there to help the young guys, or if you so completely suck that a 16yr old will be kicking your ass.

is the friggen man.

i used to train down at masaaki's for a while, i send a few of the kids i coach over there, he kinda reminds me of yoda. little shaky old man, but i wouldn't cross him. not to mention he's in great cardio shape. but to answer ur question, after i graduated i went to my old high school to work out with the kids, next thing i knew i was down there every day, and after that i was coaching. alot is to be said for the high school workout. ur not gonna get the best competition, but at about 16 or 17 their cardio and endurance levels are through the roof. i wouldn't go to try and get a training partner. but one of the best ways to fine tune your technique is to teach it to someone else.

"I have tried everything with wrestlers - rolling lightly, rolling hard, beatin' their tails, letting them win - most of them just can't make the change to BJJ - at least in my town."

How much time are they given to "make the change"? Could the problem be the instuctor? From what I've seen, most make the change quite well.

As far as the original question: you are going back to the high school to workout, not pick up high school chicks and find out where the coolest 16 year olds party. Don't sweat it. Most high school coaches are happy to have extra bodies in the room for their kids to workout with. I would just approach the coach and ask if it's OK if you come in to workout. Odds are that he'll be happy to have you come in.

i regularaly go back to the high school i attended to work on my takedowns and conditioning as a tune up before a tournament. wrestling with a bunch of young bucks will elevate your cardio like nothing else.

Hey Chip!

The problem must be the instructor.

I've had at least twenty wrestlers come by for one class. Only one has stuck it out for any length of time. The rest have walked out panting like bitches and never come back. Maybe it's that since they have been told they are state champions since the day they started training, they couldn't handle losing!