working remotely (TME)

hey bros, been working as a software engineer for 10 years at a large company. I am thinking maybe to look for a job where I can work from home. Has anyone done this? Where should I start looking? has a "telecommute only" option on their advanced search page also has a "remote only" option on their search

when i was 15 years younger i worked from home and it was very hard to concentrate on work.way too many distractions.

fast forward 15 years and I'm working 100% from home again. something in me changed, and i'm able to put in as much work as i would if i was in the office.

moral of the story is some people need the office to keep focus. takes a lot of self discipline to work from home and keep focus. Some people need a room set up as a office to get them in the office mind set at home. to pull it off.


I started working from home part time when my son was born.

When he was around 13 or 14, I guit that job and eventually started working from home full time.

It is fucking glorious.

No drive time - and this is just huge, I think I fill my car up once a month as opposed to once a week; no time wasted driving or sitting in traffic. Depending on where you live this could give you back 2-4 hours of your day.

No putting up with people's habits.

No being watched by management - as long as you get stuff done and are available when you say you'll be available - its all good.

The ONLY downside is its easy for me to get sucked into all kinds of overtime. I'm salary so anything I do above 40 hours is basically free. But I consider that a wash since I have worked jobs where management has had no problem with declaring "mandatory volunteer overtime" (and yes, the called it exactly that) in order to meet a deadline.

In general, your day stops resembling a Dilbert comic.

thanks bros.

juszczec - yeah the office environment is killing me. I have also learned I don't get along with other engineers - at all. I do solid work and am thinking a work from home deal would be great.

Man it's awesome but it sucks. I let my hair grow out, and wore basketball shorts exclusively. Didn't like never leaving the house. But I made my wife wear short skirts so win. Phone Post

raleigh - thanks bros.

juszczec - yeah the office environment is killing me. I have also learned I don't get along with other engineers - at all. I do solid work and am thinking a work from home deal would be great.

well, you still have to get along with other engineers.

i'm on a team. i have other team members, a team lead and a manager.

i have email and IM and a cell phone - all of them have it and use it so its not like all interaction with other people is gone.

But ... its still better than being there.

yeah - I think I would be happier if I just had to deal with it in short spurts.

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If you're the type that gets distracted easily then it's going to be difficult especially when you first start. Otherwise it's awesome and beneficial not only to you but the company also. Don't rock the boat with your availability either. If your phone rings or if you get an email or IM be on top of that. Even if you don't have anything valuable to add to a conversation chime in anyway to show that you are involved.

If you are looking for a job that allows you to remote make sure they aren't trying to bait and switch you. I've heard of this happening lately. Phone Post 3.0

I work mostly from home.

I get way more done at home in a shorter amount of time than I do if I go to my office.

I don't have kids, no one is home when I'm working from home.

my output remotely resembles work

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I worked from home for awhile. It mostly involved me watching tv with my work laptop sitting in front of me. So when I got an email/request I could take care of it right away. Also made sure I was available for meetings all the time. When people asked how busy I was I would play it up like I was swamped when in reality I was free 80% of the time.

to mimic what others said -

rolling out of bed 5 mins before work is awesome. no drive time, no money on gas.

forget overtime, you just end up working more on your own. whether its that thought you have in the middle of the night, or you just want to check emails, or whatever. Also, since you have a computer at your house, you'll be on call to fix production issues in the middle of night or weekends.

also, yeah, to be honest, i went from showering every day to every couple of days and hate leaving the house for anything.

shave every 4 or 5 days. never comb my hair

my g/f loves my new look