Working ROOTS photos

Since the other site is down, here are the pics again (some are different) from another site. They should stay up for a month or so.Ben winsBeth mountedBrad looking for gripsDave in guardthe crowdPaul warming upGordo in half guardPhillipa about to startManuel and Richard at the airportTim picks a kneeIgor watchingIf you want me to put more up post something and ask, I have more of most people here.


Anyone win?

I've got videos of a few but no still pics, sorry. I think when the subs were going on I was so busy shouting I forgot I was holding a camera.

Good to see some pics (although I saw roots and expected something a little more riske')

The guy "Dave in guard" - he was a machine, how did he go?

I liked the one of Tim grabbing my knee :-) I'll think we might just include that on the Ground Zero website (with appropriate commentary). Hope you guys haven't got any problems with that?

Seems like roots did really well congrats guys! too bd most of the machados were up in qld.

The back's about the same... I'll probably come back anyway though, I'm turning into mush. Dutch Law of course you can use my photos, here are some more of them for you.Dave kicks arseBen and OpponentFor wookey73... from

You don't disappoint RBL...

Sweet, and thanks for the other Dutch Law related pic's too.


Yeah some good guys and good fighters down in Melbourne. Would be good if we could have more interstate tournaments.

Is there a BJJ circuit or some regular comps in Melbourne??