working up to a one arm pushup

just what the thread title says.

I don't have access to weights for the summer, so I've made it my goal to be able to do 10 one arm pushups per arm. So can anyone help me out? Any tips, tricks, dirty little secrets? Anyone have a routine to help me accomplish this?

thanks in advance.

Pavel has a lot of techniques in "the naked warrior" most of them is about creating more tension (building up tension before pressing, holding your breath, tightening your abs and your butt, "screwing" the shoulder in etc...) if you have read power to the people you'll have a basic idea.

To progressively build up to one-arm-pushups, start with your hand elevated (on a table, chair or even a wall), gradually go lower and lower until you're able to do them with hand on floor. If you want to take it even further, start to progressively elevate your feet/foot . Good luck !

the farther your feet are apart, the easier they get. you can start doing them on your knees, help with the other hand by pressing with 1 or two fingers to help a little with getting up and keeping balance. watch out for proper technique and posture. add in some static one arm exercises where you just hold yourself up, add in some scrapper "one-handed squat thrusts" to adapt your arms to bigger loads and the stabilization needed.

those both look like great ideas. thanks to the both of you.

I went from not being able to do a one arm push-up (ROM about 3 inches or less), to doing 10 full ROM one arm push-ups per arm.

The method I used was to place progressively smaller "spotters" under my chest (for example a milk crate, and later a medicine ball). That way I could perform the push up until my chest/shoulder hit the "spotter" and then press up from there. As I got stronger, I would move to a smaller piece of equipment.

As with most things, consistancy made the biggest difference.


I use a stack of books(hard cover) to do them on. I just remove a book as I get stronger