Workout Advice

Ok so Im back in the gym, haven't lifted a weight in nearly 2 years and have just been wrestling and boxing so I have been active and doing body weight stuff in training.
My goal is to gain some size, quality size.

So for the first 3 weeks Im going to be training 3 times and doing this workout to get my body use to it.

Squat 3x12
Bench press " "
Military press " "
Bent over rows " "
Pull ups " "
Skull crashers " "
Barbell curls " "

After this time period I want to start with the rippitoes sp? program.
What does everyone think, any opinions and advice welcome.

Why not just start with rippetoes program now?

you need to add posterior chain work -- RDL would be perfect.

I would also swap bent row with bench-supported 1 arm DB rows. If you do add more lower-back/hamstring work, you're not going to want to be doing a bent bb row.

Even better - split this into two workouts:

Workout A:
Bench press
Bent rows
Skull crushers

Workout B:
RDL or Deadlift
Military Press
Barbell curls

thanxs for the replies guys