Workout advice...

I just started working out again after taking a long time off from health problems. Doctors give me the go ahead to begin a workout plan. Tried to go back to Thai Boxing and Grappling sessions, but my cardio, stamina, and strength sucks bad, as I have also put on about 40 pounds in the past year.'s remedial cardio and strength training 101 for me. Here are my questions...

  1. Age old question..Cardio then weights, or weights then cardio. I am 6ft tall, and 280 pounds. For maximum weight loss and building should I approach this? I started yesterday doing 10 minute light cardio (treadmill) for warming up, 30 minute all around weight workout, and either back to the cardio for 20 minutes on the ellyptical or swimming laps. Then I sit in the steam room because it feels good on my joints.

  2. Whats the best diet? Without fully starting the Atkins or South Beach or any crap like that, I eat a regular diet, but I eat moderate carbs and I limit sugars. Any other suggestions?

  3. Workout in mornings or evenings? What's better for weight loss and recovery?

Any suggestions can help!

  1. Well if your goal is fat loss, do weights first, and cardio second. The idea is that you burn off a lot of the carbs in your system during weight training so that when you do cardio you tap into fat stores for energy. Thus, you burn more fat. Just be sure to get protein and some carbs into your system after your workout. I've heard you need to replenish simple carbs afterword. For example, I blend a banana with my chocolate protein shake. Good recovery shake and tasty.

  2. I'm not an expert in diet, but the general consensus around here is lean meats, lots of vegetables and fruits(especially green vegetables), and healthy fats. (walnuts, almonds, olive oil) Limit your intake of grains and dairy, which tend to bulk you up.

  3. Mornings. I remember reading that testosterone levels are at your highest during the morning hours, which may lead to better gains. I also like to do my cardio in the morning because I feel more focused throughout my day.

Once again, I'm no expert, so take this with a grain of salt, but I'm fairly sure this is all accurate. Good luck.

thanks ...i appreciate it!!!

Tell Dave to kiss my ass. LOL I got sidelined another couple of weeks after breaking two fingers in class on Monday. I still go to the gym, I can run on the treadmill in a hand cast...but I can't lift, put a bag glove on..or grapple. Come to think of it... Dave broke my fingers a couple of years ago grappling.

Thug jitsu....the dude is sooo damn know he gets no sex.