Workout and Supplement Help

Ok, I've been lifting 3-4 times a week the last month or so after a very long layoff and doing very little cardio. I feel I'm warmed up and ready to really get going. Here's what I've planned so far, any adjustments and help with my diet would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah, here's my goals. I want to get as lean as I can, body fat @ 7% or less. I have about 170 lbs of lean body mass and would like to get that up to 180 or so. I way a little over 200 right now.

9:30 am Muscle Milk and fruit

12pm- cottage cheese or eggs and fruit

2pm- Turkey burger(no bun) and veggie

4:30pm- Muscle Milk

7:30 pm- Dinner, steak chicken, turkey or fish veggie

A multivitamin daily. Should I take creatine? Any energy supplements I should take before working out in the morning, or fruit? What about glutamine, glucosamine what ever all that glu stuff is? Fat burners?

Workouts- All to be done at about 7:30am. Sets of 12-10-8-6 with increasing weights.

Monday- Chest, Bis and 20 minutes HI cardio
Tuesday- Back, Tris and abs
Wednesday- Legs and Cardio
Thursday- Shoulders, Bis and abs
Friday- Chest, Tris and Cardio

All I'm worried about is my physique, not sports performance. Trying to look good for the women this summer.

no kidding. i suggest you always do chest/tris and back/bis together. No point doing a push muscle with a pull muscle.

and i suggest you you look at scrapper's routine on

that's get you into good shape and keep you lean. I'd stay away from creatine, if you ask me.