Workout ideas ?

I’m looking for some advice; I have 3 days a week for strength and conditioning training. My goal is to get stronger and increase my muscle endurance for grappling.
One of my days will be taken up with a circuit training class .This involves battle ropes pushing a prowler, tyre flips etc.
I'm just not sure how to effectively use the other 2 days. I was thinking along the lines of a combination of heavy compound lifts alongside kettle bell routines. Now do I have one day of heavy lifts and one day of kettle bells or do I mix it up across the two days.
My week will be split up like this,
Monday - Gym
Tuesday - BJJ
Wed- Gym
Thursday - BJJ
Fridays Circuit class
Sat/Sun - Rest days
Not sure if this matters or helps but I’m 5’ 6” and 66kg

I am doing something similar to this every week in addition to my skill and conditioning work.

Box Squat 5x5
Hang Clean 5x5
Push Press 5x5

Deadlift 8x2 (60%1RM)
Weighted Pullup 8x2 (60%1RM)
Bench 8x2 (60%1RM)

Reverse the rep format every week and continue adding on weight. Throw in a finisher for some condition work at the end of your lift. Treadmill sprint invervals, jump pulls, a meta circuit, etc. Keep it simple and work hard.

Nice one cheers Phone Post

Only you can tell, just try different ways until you find what works for you.
531 two day split plus hill sprints or kettle bell routines as a finisher could be another option.

With regards to 531 is this as effective as 5-5 for strength gains ? Or does it depend more on the individual . Phone Post

5x5 you add weight every workout, 531 you add weight on percentage.
The reason I suggested 531 two day split is it takes less out of you, so you have more energy for your skill training.

Ok that makes sense . This might be the way to go , I was concerned I would be too knackered for my skill training . Thanks again . Phone Post

Yeah 531 if you have the book it tells you how to set it up.
You can make it as hard or as easy as you want it with your assistance, and the 2 day split you can do 1 or 2 main lifts per day.
It would worth the money to buy the book. IMHO

Too may S&C days.

m.g - Too many S&C days.

m.g - Too may S&C days.

That's intentional I'm taking a back seat on my skill training . I'm looking to get a solid base in my SC . Phone Post