Workout Music Suggestions??

I need something with power behind it as I do squats, deadlifts or even the elliptical. Does anyone have any suggestions? I remember when I was a teenager the Rocky 4 tape that I used. Man, that was a long time ago!

the right Pantera song can work pretty well. See RossTraining's Training on a Budget videos for a workout backed to them.

It really depends on the workout for me. If it's cardio, such as running or bagwork, I like a bit higher tempo. High enough to keep in rhythm. Not too high as to feel hurried. 90-140 tempo.

For weightlifting, I prefer a little slower. I want it to feel laborious. Most Pantera songs are in a good tempo for weight training. Sometimes, a good high tempo song goes good with weights.

For warmups, I like a fairly long buildup. 10 minutes or so. Some zone-out music. Daft Punk's "Veridis Quo," Agatsuma's "Yuudachi," etc.

anything by Hatebreed

I recommend Drop Dead Gorgeous, In Flames, As I lay dying. Killer bands and its excellent music to get that last 1-2 reps out

One word my friend - SLAYER!!!

pantera,meshuggah,SLAYER,old sepultura,old metallica,cannibal corpse,deicide.u might kill sumone listening to them while training mma.

"One word my friend - SLAYER!!! "

couldnt have said it better myself. unfortunately the cd player on my stereo literally froze in the garage so all ive got is the radio which only gets 95.1 WZZO. if your in the leigh valley area that works lol. but i prefer some slayer, pantera, metalocolypse (the animated band from adult swim...but they're got some serious metal) anything with a good bass line really.

surfacing, eyeless, herectic anthem - slipknot

push it - static x

good god - korn