workout of the week Dr. Evil

Here's one I did yesterday. Have fun!

Versaclimber 35"
45lb vest on almost full tension
15" a mod intensity 90-100 ft per

1" on 1" off intervals for 15"
at 110-120 ft per.

5" on fitter no vest

circuit 3 rounds
evil med ball drill 1 with 15lber

overhead band squats 1/2 super bands 20 reps

one arm KB deads 10 reps each 88lber

one arm chest press on stability ball
90lbs 10 reps each arm

15 dead hang chin ups

one arm swings 56lber kb 10 reps each arm

turkish getups kb extended 18lber 5 reps each

one legged squats 10 reps each

resist rotation walks 5 reps each

75 lb sandbag overhead carries 3 flights of stairs
drop to a 50 and do it again.

stretch and foam roll

total time with versa 1.05

have fun!
Dr. Evil