workout plan critique?

hey guys,

i conveniently used an injury as an excuse for an extended break...way too extended

now i'm on my 10th comeback or something like that, i've based my plan heavily off of bill starr's linear 5x5 program ( i had great results with that program

i modified it for a little extra size rather than just strength (though that may have been a problem with my diet)

goal: get stronger and bigger

anyways, blah, here:


squat, bench, row

a couple of warm-up sets, then 3 sets of 8 reps, with the weight ramping up by 10lbs each set

topped off with 3x10 weighted situps


squat, military press, deadlift

warm-up followed by 4 sets using the 2nd set weight from monday for 6 reps, the deadlift is 4 different weights, ramping by 20lbs each set

3x10 situps to finish it


squat, bench, row

heavier day, warm-up, then first 2 sets are the same as monday, 8 reps same weight, 3rd set is same weight as monday's 3rd set but only 6 reps, then the next set is 10lbs heavier than monday's heaviest for 4 reps, followed by 8 reps of the 2nd set weight

then 3x8 lying tricep extensions and barbell curls

the following monday's new weights are 10lbs heavier than the previous monday, so friday's 4rep set will be the 3rd 8 rep set

overall, it's quite similar to the 5x5, but there are a few more reps and the weight increase from week to week is more aggressive

i'm thinking i'll only do the 10lb increase from week to week for 2 weeks, then i'll drop it to a 5lb increase every week, or every other week

i actually don't know if i'll be able to do the 2nd 10lb increase, i'm hoping muscle memory saves my ass

what do you guys think?