Workout Q: HIIT and other

Okay I am getting my schedual down again. I am listing all the training possibilities and plan to train as much as I can do but probably will not be able to do all the workouts. Also the ones indicated with a slash are ones where I have to choose which one I will do.Any advice is appreciated also there are some specific questions in the end. All HIIT/LSD I would do on a rowing ergometer.

Monday morning: no can do, no place nor time to work out
Monday evening: 1,5 hrs judo / crossfit (strength type) then 1,5 hrs instructing class / doing bjj then 1,5 mma

Tuesday morning: also not possible to do anything
Tuesday evening: maybe short crossfigt type WO / max strength lifting WO then 1,5 hrs instructing class then 1 hr boxing and 1 hr bjj

Wednesday morning: HIIT endurance / LSD endurance / strength WO
Wednesday evening: 1,5 hrs judo or bjj

Thursday morning: nothing
Thursday evening: maybe short crossfit type WO then 1,5 hrs instructing class then 1 hr boxing and 1 hr bjj

Friday morning: possibility to do HIIT endurance / LSD endurance / strength WO
Friday evening: possibility to do judo / crossfit strength WO

Saturday morning: HIIT endurance / LSD endurance
Saturday evening: rest

Sunday morning: HIIT endurance / LSD endurance
Sunday evening: bjj


  1. Now mind that there is right now NOT A SINGLE complete rest day. One possibility is to take it when I feel to - probably will be either wednesday or friday or both. Is it a good idea or should there be a fixed rest day? Saturday is "light" - does it also help recovery?

  2. Another question is should or should not I do LSD endurance work - main goals right now are to decrease fat % and have good fighting cardio.

  3. When doing HIIT I already know it would be good to eat some light carbs before. What should I eat after? A shake immediately OR a full meal and hour after?

  4. Is there any point of doing crossfit "when I can" that means sometimes before classes during the week. Also I can not do all the workouts 'cause some would kill me so bad I couldn't do fight training afterwards.

Would there be any benefits that 1 hr LSD workout on rowing ergometer has that 1 hr HIIT endurance workout on rowing ergometer hasn't?

Okay I understand the FRAT factor in my post but could someone answer the questions in the end?

Jorx, my thoughts are as follows:

1) This might be fine, IF you listen to your body and are honest about it. If your body is telling you that you need a break, take it. Don't let ego or a sense of obligation force you into doing work that your body is not ready to handle. i wouldn't worry about having a "fixed" rest day, though, unless it is easier to work into your schedule. You might also want to consider having a "rest" day where you concentrate more on light work on technique and give the S&C work a break.

2) i know opinions on this differ, but i don't see any place for LSD endurance for fight conditioning. Fighting is anything but slow (although sport fights can last a while), so there is no need for a leisurely jog / row / swim / etc.

3) With your workload, you might consider a 3:1 or 4:1 simple carb to protein post-workout recovery drink / meal. A really cheap way to go is a glass of chocolate milk, perhaps with a bit of protein power tossed in. Try to get a complete meal in an hour or so later, too.

4) CrossFit training is definitely applicable for getting into fighting shape. That said, you may need to temper your CF workouts with your other training. If you have a long night of training / teaching in store, then you'll likely need to scale the CF work a bit. Don't completely push aside your conditioning work to concentrate solely on technique, however. No amount of technique will save you if your gas tank is on E.

Hope this helps.


Thanks John!

BTW. I did my first proper TAKU HIIT rowing ergometer workout today and ABSOLUTELY loved it.

"BTW. I did my first proper TAKU HIIT rowing ergometer workout today and ABSOLUTELY loved it."


Good advice from John above.


Ummm... do I get this straight?

you might consider a 3:1 or 4:1 simple carb to protein post-workout recovery drink / meal

Meaning that it should consist of about 90 g of isotonic carb powder and 30 g of protein?

Thanks, Taku!

Jorx, i was thinking more on the lines of maybe 30g:10g carbs to protein, or less. i'm playing with the chocolate milk thing right now (doing 2-3 workout / training session per day) and am drinking about 250mL. This works out to about 27g:9g.

Great to hear that you liked Taku's HIIT program. The phase 3 intervals are fantastic and can be applied to other exercises above and beyond those on the machines that are listed. Try the intervals (also known as Tabata intervals) with squats, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, running, push-presses, etc.