Workout Tapes (Bas Rutten Style)

I'm looking for a good mma workout tape like the set that Bas Rutten has out, Ultimate MMA Workout. Basically the set has Bas calling out boxing combinations and other conditioning exercises later on. I wanted to see if you guys know about any other workout tapes similar to Bas Rutten's set which might be cheaper. If not I'll probably go for his set. It looks pretty intense.

The Bas Rutten set is only about $50 and it is awesome. I have had mine for over a year and think it's great.

I havent seen anything else similiar to his. Do yourself a favor and make the investment. Compared to other book/tape packages it is a good deal.


Does Bas call out liver punches?

Does Bas call out liver punches?


Bas's tapes are great best i've found

fyi, I noticed on Bas' web site that they are finally offering his conditioning set on CDs instead of audio cassettes. Won't have to dig out that old tape player after all...



I like 'em...

Yeah but imagine what would happen if bas caught you trying to download them :) I shudder to think!



You could probably make your own if you know a few combinations and excercises. Call 'em out for a few three minute rounds (or whatever) and there you go.

Bas puts out a good product and he really has his fighters use them.