workouts with log(post tips)

i got bored today and "borrowed" a log from my neighbor, its i guess around 110 it's still small enough to press. Does anyone else like workin with logs? any tips or cool exercises?

I was thinking you had a *work out log* not a log you lift about!

You could jerk and see how high you can throw it in the air and how FAR you can throw it.  A type of high land game thing.  It will help you to use your legs and upper body together to produce maximal force.

I remember doing stuff like this when I was younger.

JUST make sure no one minds the ground being mashed!


sweet...just did a bunch of front squats till failure..logs kick ass

---cant wait till the cops show up cuz someone thinks i'm outta my mind thrown logs up n down the yard--we have d*cks like that here in Orlando

Log swings huh?

throwing it would be the best for sure.