Works...and not that of the lord.

Okay i know im going to get yelled at, flamed on, trolled or whatever u folks here call it.

But I can't help it I have to discuss this.

Works in MMA especially in Japan(pride) have been going on since day one.

What I dont understand is we all(UG) pretty much train in some type of martial art or study fighting.

I never have a hard time deciphering a work...a hard work or whatever...Im not sure if I have an eye for it or some people on here are deaf blind and stupid...


I have to bring it up...Yoshida...I know he has a following and I respect the guy for his heart and accomplishments in martial arts.


Lets face it he has done works...wether or not he knew about them is in question but him being involved in works is not.

these examples are not in order.

Yoshida vs Saatake= cmon Satake basically fell down and allowed Yoshida put on this crappy head lock choke thing...maybe neck crank that didnt have precise pressure. Please just watch the fight my 10 year old nephew could of gotten out of that.

Yoshida vs Frye= oh god I knew this was a work within the first minute...Frye throwing punches with no snap...throwing loose looping punches...gets him on the ground and punches everything but his yoshida rolls Frye into an armbar...Frye didnt the fight...

Yoshida vs Royce= Yoshida was doing great in this gi grappling match with limited striking...Yoshida has freakin great base...Royce look ok but seem overwhelmed with weight...the choke was an ezekiel choke and wasnt allthe way in Royce was fine saving his energy...ive seen the fight from several camera views and Royce wasnt even close to being choked the tape.

Yoshida vs Tamura= oh boy Tamura could of killed yoshida...he held back all of his skill except for his new found low shin kicks to Yoshida. Tamura must have locked him self on one of those muay thai villages for 6 months to get those flying like they where(sarcasm). The take down was fake... the Ezekiel choke was bunk...and the fight stunk just like a work...oh im sorry hard the tape...its a work.

Yoshida vs Silva= Oh boy as soon as I figured out Silva was holding back on Yoshida I knew some folks on here would post threads saying give Yoshida props ect...those who had to change your ug names have been had...Silva held back all day...he knew Yoshida couldnt submit him...he know Yoshida couldnt knock him out...what better than for pride to make Yoshida go the distance with the champ...yea right...Silva could of knocked him out in the first round...just watch the fight closly silva actually holds back on punches and kicks...and takes Yoshida down...yea the tape the proof is there.

aah I feel better now that I have this off my chest...and I know there will be some to critisize these facts yes facts...but I know you are blind...curse me...hate me...but the above summaries are true...

they where all works
Yoshida hasnt fought one real not one...

go and sin no more


the truth just died

do I hear the tap(knock) tap(knock) tapping(knocking) of judokas at my thread door...

cmon some intelligent post is what im looking for...

I cant take u guys thinking Yoshida actually fought a real fight..some one has to stand up for the truth...

is that all u got ONthemat my dead grandma could do better brah...cmon hit me up...

to the motherfucking top bitches!



I don't know what to say, but damn have I got a smile on my face...

I dont study judo myself but I live in Korea and have met some very tough judo guys, they are always enthusiastic to talk grappling and share new ideas ect. it's a shame we dont see more posts similar to the crosstraining stories we get on the UG sometimes...sorry to hear your grandmother passed.

kkm is my best friend...matthewafa must be blind...

pulsar glad I could assist u with a smile

Yeah cheers. I think the same things after watching all that... "Stuff".

I never thought back in my youth two people could look at the same thing but reach such foreign conclusions. I guess people can.

ok im going to friends house to kick it...i can defend my thread as of now i will when i return...fellow UGers that agree with me help to defend me...

Onthemat this has nothing to do with judo or judokas in general...this has to do with the fact that there are people on here that actually think that Yoshida has fought a real fight...if Yoshida was a BJJ black belt from my mommas womb and did works I would still make this post...its about a great martial artist/judoka champion doing works in MMA/Pride.

dont turn this into some stupid judo vs Jiu jitsu there apart of the same system

to all the peeps that think Yoshida doesnt partake in the name of true combat...may the blind see...the deaf hear..and the mute speak...

u all now know the truth now.

thank u

your truly


ok I see your point, (my bad for trying to escalate it into another style debate:), but I really think Yoshi's last fight was legit. Why would Vandy stretch out the fight when he knew he had to fight the final later...

According to Neitzsche, not only is God dead, but so is truthisalive's brain, if this thread is any evidence.

IT is so ridiculous for people simply say that the author has a few posts to his/her credit. Respond to the merits of their statements instead of pretending that posting here gives anyone some type of expert credibility


Dear ignorant judo hating fool, Your conspiracy theories will drive you mad...Please take yourWash it down with a And aAnd

There's no way in hell Wanderlei would hold back in an attempt to make Yoshida look good; he would not waste energy in a 15-minute wrestling match and risk being subbed or even a fluke injury/TKO knowing he had to face Rampage a couple hours later.

Any holding back on Silva's part was solely to conserve energy.

Silva's had plenty of fights where he didn't go to town with the knees like Rampage. If I'd seen him fight like that before, I wouldn't have been so sure Rampage would beat him. He caught Quinton once and went for the kill.

Well this is all really my own opinion...The angle I decided to take on my original post was sharp i admit, but can u blame me 90% of u people are smartasses anyway, right?...but this is my humble opinion...

Glad someone posted this because it is true.

He may not have been holding back to make Yoshida look good but he sure looked like he was holding back on him.

I am the biggest supporter of tournaments but I wish this fight wasn`t in the GP. I don`t think Yoshida would have made it out of the first rd. .

Also if it was a three rd. fight Yoshida would have been stopped and noone would be saying how great he did anyway.

It is obvious to everyone except Yoshida`s fans that Silva was definately holding back on him and that is why he lasted the distance .