Worksharp knife sharpener, how to properly sharpen knives (easy)

Did you see the sharpener I talk about in my OP…? If you can heat up an edge with that or a normal whetstone to the point it loses its temper (I don’t believe it would be possible), you are doing EVERYTHING wrong.

Now if you’re using a motorized belt and just dropping one spot of the blade on it and mashing it down, then yeah you probably could fuck up a knife with a quickness… but only you are that special bud.

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That is NOT what you have been talking about, and we all know it. Nobody was talking about machine sharpening. Nice try though.


Who was talking about machine sharpening? The topic was stones…

On machine sharpening, you are absolutely correct. Care must be taken in one form or another not to overheat. But these are stones. Manual abrasion.

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“When I try to sharpen my knives with a chainsaw, I always destroy the blade… no one could possibly sharpen a knife without damaging the blade like me.”


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I was talking about the sharpener in the op, which allows for very fast strokes against the blade.

Alto still uses differential heat treats on his blades, so he’s not really up on the latest metallurgical science. He’s an artist and a fine craftsman and I appreciate that, but he’s not the ultimate authority on the subject.

Where exactly were you referring to the hand sharpening in the OP?

And you are? What temperature does 1085 lose its magnetism?

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I use my belt sander to sharpen my knives now. Also, I only go parallel with the blade. Follow it up with a nice ceramic rundown to clean up the micro-burrs. I can perform surgery with some of my blades now

Subbed, need one of these

Looks really cool and effective but I can already see how wear and tear could break that device. Plus I can’t take it camping.

If someone can blue an edge by hand, I would love to get a hj from them.

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