World Champ Ebony Bridges weighs in in lingerie

Fuckin Only fans fighters

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When you’re in a dark room alone with some lotion?

Jake Gyllenhaal Reaction GIF

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Did she leave her ass at home?


Nappy rash

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Yeah, that level of flab and pancake ass on someone who is otherwise fit is strange.

Reeks of crack and meth.

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those are some extra fake looking tits

The only fans stripper got beat.

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Dat asscheek is ashier than Rampage’s kneecaps.

Holy dermatitis Batman. Asian girl way hotter in my books.

One user wrote: “Well @EbanieBridges you got exactly what you deserved, your arse handed to you by a superior boxer who takes the fight seriously instead of promoting smut on the net and booze for an Irish wanker, do us all a favour and bugger off.”

Another wrote in response to Bridges’ post: “You got schooled. Go to gym and train seriously or retire and go on do all the OF porn.”

A third added: “She got schooled by an MMA fighter. Stick to OnlyFans.”

The loss ends Bridges’ 21-month reign as queen of the IBF bantamweight division.