World Champions vs Chines KF Kings

On December 7th (the day right after the K-1 World GP 2003 Finals), the Chinese Kungfu King Company, the Chinese Wushu Association, and the International Kickboxing Federeation (IKF), with support and sponsorship from Chinese Central Television (CCTV), and e-Commerice Technology, Inc. will host probably the biggest pro Sanshou card in history, World Champions vs Chinese Kung Fu Kings at Beijing Worker Gym. The confirmed triple header is as follows (form what I can find):

Dave Marinoble(USA) : 5'11/170lbs (IKF Pro World Middleweight Full Contact Champion)
V [for the IKF World Sanshou Super Middleweight Title]
Bao Ligao (CHI): 5'10 (2003 Absolute Sandawang)

Fernando Calleros (USA): 5'8/142 lbs (IKF Pro World Super Welterweight International Rules Champion)
V [for the IKF World Sanshou Lt Welterweight Title]
Han Yuzhu: 5'11 (65 Kg Sandawang)

Eduardo Fujihira (BRAZIL): 5'9/186 lbs/58-3-0 (Captain of the Brazilian Sanshou Team, 6th World Wushu Chapionship 80kg Champion)
V (for the IKF World Sanshou Lt Cruiserweight Title)
Liu Hailong (CHI): 5'9/50-4-0 (2000 Absolute Sandawang, 2002 Sanshou World Cup 80 kg Champion)

Btw, is Fujihira of Japanese descent? No matter who wins, I hope this card is sucessful and allows Sanda to grow as a sport and hopefully China's Sanda players to grow as fighters (though I see alot of disappointment by the Chinese press. I see Liu taking an asskicking as big as, if not bigger than the one Wanderlei gave to Yoshida). Also, does anyone know if this show will be broadcasted on any of the East Coast DirectTV channels such as as Jade, or CCTV 4 or 9?


Dave Marinoble beat Rudi Ott earlier this year.

Bao Ligao and Liu Hailong are well known in the Sanda world.

Eduardo Fujihira from Brazil is also pretty well-known.

But who are Fernando Calleros and Han Yuzhu? Han is the "65 kg Sanda Wang," but I've never seen him fight and I've been keeping track of the sport in China. What are their Sanda or Sanshou credentials?

ttt for results

China won all 4 bouts:

Wu Chaolai defeated Morgan Smith 3 rounds to none.

Han Yuzhu defeated Fernando Calleros 5 rounds to none.

Bao Ligao defeated Dave Marinoble 5 rounds to none.

Liu Hailong defeated Eduardo Fujihira 4 rounds to 1.

Was the judging fair? I don't know. China has a track record of unfairly favoring their own Sanshou/Sanda athletes. But given that this is an IKF officially sanctioned event, maybe the judges are made up of an international panel. I don't know. If anyone knows, please enlighten us.

I also just checked the IKF website, and the results have not been posted yet. However, it does mention that China has been keeping the other fighters in the dark in regards to the backgrounds of the Chinese fighters. I find this weird because at least Bao Ligao and Liu Hailong are very well known. I have lots of footage of their fights.

China has creamed the US in every single one of these challenges so far.. they weren't even close

China has good fighters? Damn... The world is changing.

Good job Chinese Kung FU Kings... The Sanda guy didn't do a bad job against Kaolan at Max O2.

I think Han Yuzhu was Sanda wang in 2001

Detailed results, round by round too, on the IKF web site at:

The page also talks about all the controversy in the judging of the event.

It turns out that even though the Chinese judges seemed biased, the single American judge also ruled the 3 major bouts in favor of the Chinese fighters as well.

Check IKF's webpage for a highly detailed discussion of the event:

Scroll down to news from December 9th, as well as December 11th.

Didn't Marinoble win his title from Rudi Ott?
I would've thought he'd have done better.........

Can't wait for the possible Liu Hailong - Cung Le matchup...........

The assistant coach for the US National Team (Yi Yuan Lee) fought King of Sanda in 2001. Ross, you Big 7 ;) guys might want to make use of him and the US team coach (who was a chinese team coach no?) for scouting some of those guys in the future.

problem is, KSD in China wants to hand pick the suckers, eh, I mean competitors....