World Class Boxers in MMA. How long?

 With all the recent going ons in the boxing world, including the travesty in the Malignnani/Diaz fight, coupled with the surge in popularity of MMA, how long do you think it will be before we start to see an influx of World Class Boxers, in or approaching the prime of their careers, starting to seriously compete in Mixed Martial Arts.


I don't mean guys like Ray Mercer, who's career in the ring are effectively over, or journeymen who've had decent success in the ring. Or Golden Gloves champions (Bonnar)

Although I wrestled for most of my life, I've been training exclusively Boxing for the last three years, so I consider myself a Boxer (Not a professional, but if you asked me "what do you train" get the point) But I follow and enjoy MMA FAR more then I do watching boxing.

I've wondered recently if we're close to having the same thing happen with boxers as it did with Wrestlers when Severn came around. One after another we had world class wrestlers coming out of the woodwork and having a lot of success in the UFC.

Now, I realize that the boxers would still need a shit ton of cross training, but I think the important thing is how long before the money in MMA can start to match the money in Boxing, and "top of the food chain" boxers choose to join the UFC or Strikeforce rather then deal with the corrupt politics that are festering around boxing right now.


Again, I'm talking guys winning Medals in the Olympics or even top 5 contenders, possibly even former titleholders, leaving Boxing and coming to MMA.

3 or 4 years maybe?


And how do you think they would do?