World Class Skill

Just to get it away from another thread, i was wondering if a guy walked into your gym or said to you that he had world class MMA skills what would you need to see, hear or read ect for you to believe it?

Don't want to hear about certain people but just wondering what others think as i have my views but others seem to think differently.

Thanks guys

I think this is, yet again, a perfect example of how "the plan" (whatever it is) is working perfectly for Team Bonello.

The line "world class (insert skill here)" is a throw away line. Nobody's ever gonna sue for false advertising, yet it has had a major impact on followers of the sport.

A casual reader of this forum, if asked about Bonello's skills by someone in the future is likely to say things like "he's beat Dan Severn" "he's a BJJ black belt" and "he has world class hands"

Right or wrong, that's what the perception will be.

For those that don't want to see Team Bonello's publicity machine work for them, I would once again remind you of the Simpsons episode where the big advertising characters come to life. Lisa figures out how to defeat them, Homer, despite being told, doesn't get it.

So, by number of posts on the subject, who's gonna be Lisa, and who's gonna be Homer ?

Whilst I appreciate Homer's love of all things chocolate, I'm gonna have to stick with Lisa when it comes to being smart.



read my other post Ben, i don't wont this to be about Bonello in fact if thats the last hes name in meantioned in this post it would be great. I started this post as people seem to have a different view to me in this area and i didn't want any certain names in this post so people could say i say one thing because i hate such and such and i could say you say the other thing because you like such and such.

All i was wondering is what you guys think a guy has to do to prove himself to be the best, does he just have to train with the best or does he need to prove it in the ring? Thats all there is to this thread, if you want to make something up thats not here go to another thread.

Keats you are a cock smoker with too much time on his hands!

Far too much time, why must you always come back to the topic of 'world class boxing skills', Who gives a fuck?

Fair enough you 'may' come from a boxing background, MMA forum DICKHEAD, fuck off to a boxing forum!

You have to be the biggest fuckin cockhead there is. Read the 1st post and please tell me where it says anything about boxing...Ohh thats right it doesn't it says about MMA...Oh yeah i'm talking about MMA so i'm in the MMA forum dickhead.

For those who are taking this serious my view on the subject of someone having world class MMA skill would be to see them in the ring fighting a world class MMA fighter, it seems others have a different point of view and thats fine (i might even be wrong) i was wondering what other peoples views were who want to explain why they think the way they do.

Again Matt please get your mum to read the 1st post you so she can explain that it says nothing about boxing... I'm also thinking its lucky at this stage MMA fighters dont have to get brain scanns before they fight as Matts career would be over before it even really got started.


How come your name isn't in Green yet ?

Fair crack of the whip !

I have world class cunninglis skills ;) Prove other wise :)


I seen the photos on you phone Kym, I may just believe you :P

oh and Keats, I'm referring to EVERY SINGLE FUCKING POST you have made here regarding Bonello(I don't care I'll use the name!) WE ALL know you don't think he has them as he hasn't fought anyone world class blah blah FUCING blah,

cocksmoking fuck!

"cocksmoking fuck" and this coming from Matt (i spanky myself) Knight.

I have let the Bonello boxing thing go Matt, if you stop bring the threads to the top of the page they will just fade away. Didn't think of that one did you?

Again i was asking to hear other people points of view and maybe if there were some serious points i might even change my mind. But a serious thread or point from yourself is never going to happen i have realised!

if only you knew how I got the name spanky.

please inlighten me

not by spankin myself to say the least

actually how did I get it Wayne?

did you spanky someone else?

well according to North Australis legend

Mathewus Knightus ( Hungry Matt ) received the common name Spanky in reference to his penchant for slapping oiled duck testicles against his forhead before battle.

It is an ancient custom,that is believed to scare of evil womenfolk. Spanky refers to both the jerking well as the liquid slap.

Proffessor Kym Robinson

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Kym and Matt, did you too crazy pricks clash heads in your fight or what!!!!
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Thanks Ben. I have been having this conversation with Justin throught email as i can get a sensible reply off him (i can't belive i just typed that) say alot for others on here. :)

Oh by the way guys since speaking to Justin with out having to hear cock smoker, dickhead ect i have seen another persons point of view on this topic and agree with some of the other points i didn't agree with in the 1st place.

See how easy it is guys, even with out carrying on like little school kids ;)

So would you then say a guy who has been to the olympics and done well, he would be able to claim he has world class mma skills? or does he just have part of world class mma skills?

I'm just kind of thinking that each sport is a total different sport, but hey i could be wrong as i have in the past a few times ;)

if you posess world class (elite) skills you have them. showing them dosnt change anythign and not showing them dosnt mean you dont have them.

Just because you havnt seen someone demonstrate there skill dosnt mean they dont posess it.

In general and this goes for just about everything like intelligence, sporting prowess , musical or artistic ability etc if you claim something .. ie 'world class skills' in that area - It is up to the person making the claim to prove it or people are not going to believe it ..simple as that .

Whether in a perfect world they shouldnt have to prove it doesn't matter . In this day and age people need evidence before they believe things like that on 'faith' or because someone said it was true . Mainly because there are so many people that are full of shit saying the same thing .

Ben , your example of surfing and skatebording is correct (that you dont need to compete to be world class )but thats because you do those sports on your own . MMA , boxing , bjj etc is different because the nature of them is to fight or compete with someone else . So if you claim to have world class skills in these area's competition is essential part of 'proving' this claim .