World Class Skill

Perception is Reality

Gerald ,

No its not

eg . Me at 161 at after derby day . My perception wasn't close to reality !

Whilst consulting our catch-phrase was:

"MY perception is YOUR reality"

Meaning typically if you want me to believe something it is up to you to convience me that you are. This can be achieved in one of two ways:

#1 you convience me that my criteria is unreasonable or incorrect (generally a tall order for anybody); or

#2 you meet my expectations/criteria therefore prove I was previously ill-informed.

For example, with regard to the Bonnello issue, his Team would like people to believe that he is a "World Champion". This needs to be approached on two fronts, they need to:

#1 convience some people that their pre-conceptions as to what makes a World Champion are invalid; and/or

#2 educate the remainder of the population with respect to his record to-date.

So far Justin has done a good job of #2, however there are a number vocal members on this forum who are yet to see the light re #1.

If he can succeed in swaying the #1's in the short-term, Justin's in the wrong business - he should be in the Middle East negotiating world peace.

For you guys who say you can be world class without competing, do you think there is a difference from punching a bag or skating at the local skate park with skill to competing and showing your skill? Or are we just talking plan skill here?
Especially in a fighting sport where skill doesn't always mean that much. I think i had more boxing skill than Jeff Fenech (early on in his career)had and defintally more skill than Jeff Harding had yet for one reason or another i never ever even got close to what they achieved. In fighting sports i think there are so many world class athletes who lack world class skills and then on the other hand there are guys with world class skills who will never ever go close to beating a world class fighter (maybe because of heart along with other things).
So if someone says they have world class skills does this mean they can beat or at least compete with other world class athletes at their chose sport or does it just simply mean they have skills that are equal to other world class proven athletes?

Also thanks to the guys who have answered with proper answers as it is something i am interested in finding out with any hided or other agenders!


I think we're arguing over whether 'potential to be world class', is the same as 'is world class'?

Small difference but very important, I think.



I think i'm think along the same lines, as even in skateboarding (not that i have any skill or training in this area) i think that the person with world class skills is still unproven to they get in the skate park with the other guys with world class skill. I know i had all the skills to box (sorry Matt as yes i know this is a MMA forum)in the gym against most guys but i know even at my lowly level of boxing it was a huge step and totally different being in the ring in front of 500 to 1000 people, i think there is a big difference in pressure in a real fight compared to sparring a few rounds in the gym.